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Installing MultiEd on Portable or Networks Drives

Because MultiEd does not use Windows Registry, it can be installed on portable USB memory sticks, external hard drives, and networks. This will allow you to take your personal customized version of MultiEd when you use other Windows computers.

The procedure is simple. (If needed,) download the installation file from MultiEd's home page and start it up. When you get to the screen
just specify the appropriate drive and folder. MultiEd will create the folder, if needed. Then when you get to the screen
You will often want to tell it not to add the icon to the desk top or add an entry to start menu if the drive or network is not always available.

To start up MultiEd on another machine, just navigate to the appropriate drive and folder and click entry with MultiEd's entry.

There is one possible problem associated when moving to a different machine. The drive letters may be different. If so, the "recent files" in the File menu may not work. Also, should you program a tool button or write a macro, use "%multidir% or "%initdir%" to represent MultiEd's folder and the initialization folder. MultiEd will automatically determine the appropriate folder for you.

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Revised: 10/5/2011